Timber Roof Trusses

Benefits of Pre-fabricated Timber Roof Trusses


Pre-fabricated timber roof trusses have proven to be better value than both steel construction and conventional pitched roofs erected on-site. We can achieve this economy through the use of advanced computer-aided design techniques and specialised workshop tooling.


Speed of Construction

Because of the efficiency of our workflow which takes an integrated design from software through to precision-built truss components, roofs erected using pre-fabricated trusses may take only one or two days compared to weeks using more traditional techniques. The trusses can be created off-site while your build is in progress so you save time and get weather-proof that much sooner.

Spanning Capability

Our roof trusses are fabricated with internal rigid support so they can be used to span wide spaces from outer wall to outer wall. Without the need for interior load-bearing walls and footings, you have more freedom to design you internal building layout. This also makes roof trusses ideal for many commercial building applications.

Light and Portable

Timber roof trusses are also a practical option for small projects and owner-builders. Their light weight means they can usually be positioned and installed by only two people.


Timber roof truss construction is a reliable, repeatable process. Being able to count on a precision fit lets you tackle more complex roof layouts while keeping costs down. Every component is designed and specified in software at the beginning, which minimises problems on-site at the installation phase.